“Haney’s bone.”

HAKOTSUMI” is a series of boxes pasted with Japanese paper

Comfortable touch, warmth, beautiful and delicate patterns and textures
We propose a box with the charm of Japanese paper material as it is.

< Shapes, colors and patterns

The square box is less than 7 cm in diameter and is a cute size that fits in the palm of your hand.
Two patterns are available: windowless and windowed.
(Size: Height 66 mm (length) x width 66 mm (width) x height 68 mm (height))

Asanoha” and “Shippo” are two of the most auspicious Japanese patterns.
This box is made by pasting two patterns together.

Five colors are available: white, beige, green, red, and black.

For example,
Midori” box for making tea
Red and white combination for festive events
Beige or black for a chic box for sundries
Why not enjoy the combination of Japanese colors and patterns?

< Usage

Sundries such as sweets, tea, bath salts, soap, herbs, handkerchiefs and hand towels
It is a perfect package for small gifts.

< Options

We can foil-stamp your desired mark or name from 100 pieces.
(Paid option)

You can choose your favorite pattern or letters from the patterns below.
(Size: approx. 25 mm square)

Original letters and patterns can also be added.
For more information, please contact us from the “LadyRisa of Tosa Washi” website. → (Japanese only)

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