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Can I buy paper from Morisa?
How can I buy one?
How do I apply for a custom-made order?

Q.Can I buy Morisa paper?

Morisa paper is available for purchase in single sheets.
Small orders for individual use or up to 50 sheets of one type can be placed on the ” Tosa Washi LadyRisa ” website.

Q.How can I buy one?

The ” Tosa Washi LadyRisa ” website offers an easy way to make purchases using a convenient shopping cart.
(→ Flow from order to delivery )
You can also print out the fax order form and place a handwritten order. (→+81-88-852-6622)
We also accept orders by phone, so please do not hesitate to call us. (Please feel free to call us at [+81-88-852-1177].)

== When ordering by phone, it is helpful if you leave the following information in advance ==

Your Name
Your address
Phone number (fax number): Please use the phone number you normally use.
Product name, color, and pattern to order

Q.How do I apply for a custom-made order?

For custom-made applications, please send us an inquiry form first.
(→ Contact Form )
Please print the inquiry form in PDF file and fax it to us. (→+81-88-852-6622)
Please feel free to contact us by phone.(→+81-88-852-1177)

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