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    Wrapping Collection

    • box lunch

      Cute palm-sized
      New small box of Washi paper

      Japanese paper is pasted onto cardboard to create a cute little box. These small boxes have cute colors and patterns that are suitable for sweets, handkerchiefs, and accessories, either individually or in combination. This is a new series of Washi paper boxes.
    • wrapping something in a bamboo mat

      Japanese colors and high quality
      Textured long wrapping paper

      Ochimizu Washi, which is made by dropping water while making the paper and then applying a pattern, has a texture that cannot be reproduced by printing, and is useful for large or long items and flowers.
    • double-wrapped package

      The warm expression of Japanese paper
      Easy-to-wrap bags that make the most of

      Japanese-style paper bags you have seen somewhere in a department store or in a Japanese confectionery store. Beautiful sukike patterns with a gentle touch and translucent feel. Morisa proposes this with our unique technology.
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