Manufacturing and processing facilities

Paper machine: 940mm width
Dyeing: 840mm width Dyeing machine

Foil Stamping]

Heidel Platen A3 / Hot Stamping Machine


Multi-purpose pouch making machine (both side seal pouch and back laminated pouch)


on-demand printer
EPSON SC-P8050 (large inkjet printer)

Inkjet printer EPSON YAMASAKURA YJ-10050


A:Roll+Roll Type
  (paper + paper and paper + film (dry lamination))
B: Roll + single plate type (Machine patent: No. 2886506)
     (Thin paper + thick paper)


Embossing machine: Fir paper type


Slitter Rewinder for large rolls
Slitter Rewinder for small rolls

[Pulling out]

Die-cutting machine: 2 units


Single cutter machine: 2 units
cutting machine


Automatic packing machine: 2 units

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