About Catalogs and Samples

Do you have a catalog?
What if I want paper samples?
Can I request a sample?

Q.Do you have a catalog?

In order for customers to see the texture and color of the actual Washi paper for their planning and design, we have prepared a sample book of Usuyo paper and a sample book of WA-MIX (exclusively for pasted together paper).
These are available on the Tosa Washi LadyRisa website. (→ Go to LadyRisa of Tosa Washi )

We do not have catalogs for individual products such as bags, but we can send actual samples and unit price lists upon request. (→ Go to LadyRisa’s bags category )

In this case, we will send up to 5 samples of the product name and color specified by the customer free of charge, but we ask that you pay the shipping cost on delivery.
Large quantities or large samples will be charged.

Q.What if I want paper samples?

We will ship up to 5 paper samples in sizes from B5 to A4 free of charge. (Please note that actual samples such as envelopes and bags are also available.)
However, please pay the shipping cost by cash on delivery.

Q.Can I request a sample?


We will send actual samples and product descriptions to those who are considering using the product, for example, “I want to see the actual thickness and transparency of the paper,” “I want to test whether it can be packaged,” “I want to check whether it is suitable for processing,” and so on.

To request a copy, please follow the steps below.

  1. Please click the blue-lettered “Click here to request a sample” button below the “Add to cart” button on the product page.
  2. ↓arrow (mark or symbol)

  3. Please provide your name, postal code, address, email address, and phone number on the sample request form.
  4. ↓arrow (mark or symbol)

  5. The sample request field will contain the name of the product for which you clicked the button, but please indicate any other samples you would like to try.
  6. ↓arrow (mark or symbol)

  7. Please press the submit button.
  8. ↓arrow (mark or symbol)

  9. Normally, we ship within two business days, but we will contact you if we are temporarily out of stock.

  1. About quantity and size
    • This service is limited to once per person (per business).
    • Each person may choose up to 5 items.
    • The size of the package must be within the range of the Yamato DM delivery service (A4 to B5 in size and up to 2 cm in thickness).
    • If the size or thickness exceeds the maximum, the sample will be considered as a paid sample.
  2. Shipping charges
    • Basically, we will send it to you free of charge.
    • If the size or thickness exceeds the DM delivery limit (A4 size, 2 cm thickness), we may charge an additional shipping fee. In this case, we will ship the product with the postage paid on delivery, but we will contact you in advance by e-mail.
  3. Form of samples for each product
    • For flat paper and small rolls, we will send you cut paper of about B5 size.
    • We may send the actual product for small-sized items such as bags and kinchaku, and paper samples (cut paper) for larger sizes.
    • Since we are unable to send the product itself, such as stationery, we will send you a sample of the material.
  4. Please note that there are some products for which we are unable to send samples.
    • Stationery and boxes that cannot be folded may not be sent.
    • Please note that only product descriptions and material samples will be sent.
  5. If you have any questions about samples, please contact us by e-mail, fax or phone.
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