About custom-made products

How can custom-made products be made?
What about custom-made paper quality?
How about custom-made shapes?
What about custom-made colors?
What about tailor-made tests?
What about changes to custom-made specifications?
How do I submit data?
What if I ask for printing?
What about color proofing?
What is the delivery date?

Q.How can custom-made products be made?

Please click here for the flow of made-to-order products. (→ About Tosa Washi made-to-order products )

Q.What about custom-made paper quality?

If you would like to use a new material that is not already available, please let us know the features of the paper you would like to use. It will be easier for us to consider your request if you present the color and texture of the paper objectively with specific descriptions.
Paper that is “about the thickness of an official postcard” and “blotting paper for writing”; colors are “turmeric” and “natural”.
× x Expressions such as “fluffy material,” “soft colors,” and “winter colors” may be difficult to judge.

◆Conflicting requests may not be accommodated.
×x Paper that can be used for both pen writing (i.e., not smearing) and brush writing (i.e., smearing).

Q.What about custom-made shapes?

Please contact us so that we can understand the shape you would like to have (include the size, such as length and width).
If the shape is complex, you may fax us a handwritten or computer-generated design, or attach it via e-mail. (Please reduce the file size as much as possible.)
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
Can it be made into this kind of shape? What materials can we use? We will contact you back.

Q.Can the color be made to order?

In the case of custom-made paper dyeing, where the paper is dyed in a color not found in the ready-made products, the best method is to inform us of the desired paper type and send us a color chip (DIC/PANTONE, etc., or if not available, an objective material to judge the color such as a cut from a printed matter, etc.) by mail.
↓arrow (mark or symbol)
Is it possible to dye it that color? We will contact you at a later date.

Q.What about tailor-made tests?

If necessary, custom-made products are tested to ensure that the quality is in line with the customer’s requirements.
Separate testing fees may be required for multi-color dyeing, development of completely new paper qualities, and new pattern projects.

Q.How can I change the specifications of a custom-made product?

Changes to specifications will be accepted whenever possible in the process, but may incur additional charges.
In such cases, we will proceed with the process with the customer’s approval.

Q.How do I submit data?

For printing of original designs, we do not provide lettering or allocation.
Please submit complete data, including layout, created by the customer in Illustrator or other software.
In this case, please send us a PDF file for confirmation by file transfer service or other means.

Q.When I order printing?

The following is the process for printing company or product names on letter sets, for example.
(1) Determination of paper type, color, size, and other standards
(2) Data submission for the printing part
(3) Estimate including plate cost, proofreading, etc.
(4) Product processing at Morisa (paper making, dyeing, cutting, etc.)
(5) Printing and secondary processing
(6) Delivery
(7) Payment in advance by bank transfer

Q. What about proofreading?

Color and text proofreading will be done by mail or fax, if necessary.
Please note that there may be additional charges for repeated proofreading, which we will notify you each time.

Q. What is the delivery date?

For orders of ready-made items, we will ship immediately as soon as they are in stock.
If there are additional processing steps such as cutting, we will inform you of the delivery date taking these steps into account at the time of quotation.
If the delivery time is longer than 10 days, we will keep you informed of progress and test results as we proceed.

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