Environmental Initiatives

Because the paper industry is based on forest resources and is said to be a high-energy consumer, Morisa is committed to actively working for environmental protection.
We will continue to make daily improvements and efforts to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and recycle.

Reduce “Use Less, Reduce Use More” Create products that use as little wood raw materials as possible.

Pulp, the raw material for paper, is a raw material obtained through deforestation.
Non-wood materials such as kozo, mitsumata, and gampi, which were originally used as raw materials for Japanese paper, are now being used to make products that use a greater proportion of these non-wood materials, as Morisa returns to its origins in Japanese paper production by using wood from thinning.

Reuse “: Product manufacturing that uses recycled raw materials

The concept of environmental protection is also important in the creation of products that laminate thin and thick paper. For example, the WA-MIX color card series is a laminated product of recycled paper and Japanese paper, which reduces the consumption of new wood raw materials and protects the environment.

Recycle “Recycle waste ” Making recycled products in the company

Cuttings, etc., which until a few years ago were incinerated, are re-cut and commercialized as “packaging cushioning materials.

Directions to our office


①From the Tosa IC exit on the Kochi Expressway, Go east on Route 56. At the intersection in the photo, turn right toward Tosa City center.


②Snack cafe "Clover" is the landmark. Turn right at the intersection in a westerly direction.


③Continue to follow the road.


④You will see our sign on the right side of the building.


⑤Parking (5 spaces) is available.


⑥Our company is located at the back of the parking lot.

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