Morisa Washi

Morisa Collection” and “Morisa’s Processed Products”, materials of gentleness that wrap around the heart.

Nurtured by the clear subterranean waters of the Niyodo River, Morisa’s washi is made using traditional Tosa handmade washi techniques.
From food to beverages and various types of gift packages, Morisa’s Japanese paper responds to the spirit of giving something important as a gift.

Morisa’s Sample Book

Morisa's Sample Book

This sample book contains actual samples of almost all types of washi currently sold by Morisa.
The size of the booklet is 210 mm x 100 mm (about 3 cm thick). Washi papers in this sample book are called “Morisa Collection” and are introduced individually with images.

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Morisa Collection

Morisa Collection

Morisa’s Washi sample book, “Morisa Collection,” is a collection of our original machine-made Washi papers that are always in stock, and is divided into a book by paper thickness, function, color pattern, and so on.
Washi is all about texture. You can see the charm of delicate washi that cannot be expressed in photos or text. Please check the possibilities of Morisa’s washi by looking through it to the light, touching it, tearing it, and combining it with other papers.

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About Washi

About Washi

Frequently asked questions about Washi paper are listed here.

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MORISA|Tosa Washi

MORISA|Tosa Washi

Tosa Washi is one of the three Yamato papers in Japan and has a history of 1,000 years.
Mechanize handmade techniques and combine them with a variety of processes,
We are an energetic company that takes on the challenge of creating new paper with rich functionality and design.
Morisa’s Japanese paper responds to the spirit of giving something precious as a gift.

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