Embossing can be applied to the paper to give it a richer appearance, such as a “firigami-like” finish.

◆Minimum lot size is 650mm wide x 2000M~.
◆Special order embossed molds can be made.
◆Please inquire for ready-made embossed patterns.

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  1. envelope

    This envelope paper from the Kusaki Nature Paper series can be used to create Western and Japanese style envelopes with the same texture as letterheads.

  2. Mold & Foil Stamping

    We offer stamping and foil stamping on cards, letterheads, envelope paper, etc. using a stamping machine made by Heidelberg in Germany.

  3. Diverse Washi

    The technique of Tosa handmade washi is utilized, and machine papermaking adds functionality and design.

  4. Special Processing

    Coating process is available to turn paper as thick as letter paper into inkjet paper.

  5. Lamination (laminated paper)

    Processing to laminate thin paper with cardboard, card paper, votive paper, film, etc.

  6. cards (variety of card)

    You can create invitations, seating charts, seating cards, postcards, menu paper, product tags, etc.

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