comic novel (Edo period)

Large rolls are useful for secondary processing such as bag making, cutting and winding, and for making large items such as kite making.

◆Width (840mm to 940mm) x (100M to 2000M) can be shipped in large rolls.
  (Paper tube is 3 inches 76 mm dia.: paper tube thickness 10 mm)

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  1. embossment

    Washi can be embossed in a "momi kami-shape" to further enrich the expression of the paper.

  2. lined paper

    We always have more than 300 types of paper available as our standard.

  3. Japanese writing paper with an attached ear

    Machine shaping can be used to make edges like eared Japanese paper.

  4. Laminating

    Laminating thin Japanese paper makes it convenient for use in packaging items that do not tolerate moisture.

  5. Diverse Washi

    The technique of Tosa handmade washi is utilized, and machine papermaking adds functionality and design.

  6. rolled letter paper

    Small rolls that can be cut into appropriate sizes on the spot are convenient for wrapping flowers, sweets, gifts, and other items in stores.

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