hemp leaf extract

Color Variation

  • A905ic-0
    Color code: 00
  • A905ic-1
    deep red
    Color code: 212
  • A905ic-2
    light yellowish green
    Color code: 213
  • A905ic-3
    light greenish-blue
    Color code: 214


Commodity Code
Basis weight (g & m2)
788 x 545mm
raw materials
rayon pulp


Various types of processing based on the Morisa Collection are also available.
Please feel free to contact us for other processing, etc.

  • OK for other sizes
    We will cut it to your desired size.
  • Custom colors OK
    Can be dyed to your desired color.
  • Die-cutting OK
    It can be punched into the desired mold.
    (The cost of the mold will be charged separately.)
  • OK for lamination
    Water-resistant, durable laminates can be produced.
    *If colored paper is used for applications that come in direct contact with food, such as food matting paper, it must be laminated or treated with a film.
    Laminating is a low-cost, simple finish and soft texture.
  • Film processing OK
    Film can be laminated on one side.
    It is used for flowers and food wrapping paper, etc., and gives a luxurious finish.
  • pasting and laminating OK
    Can be laminated with other materials such as cardboard and film.
  • Winding processing OK
    We can roll up to 2,000m from 10m on request.
  • Fold processing OK
    Folding is available upon request.
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