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Here are some examples of the use of Morisa’s products.

Packages using Japanese paper “Fruits

Want to use Japanese paper for packaging, but don’t know how to use it.
Here are some examples of packaging from farms that sell fruit directly through their online stores

More and more farmers and farms are willing to sell their particular fruits and vegetables online or directly at roadside stations for sixth-order products.
We asked the farmers, who not only devise ingenious cultivation methods, but also “how to convey the quality of their agricultural products to customers,” what they do with them.


Shiraki Orchard

Shiraki Orchard is a producer of Tosa pomelo, a specialty of Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, but it is also known throughout Japan as a pioneer in online shopping.


Among the fruits sold, the company differentiates itself by using Japanese paper drawstring bags for packaging specially selected fruits.

The individually packaged fruit peels are convenient for sharing, and the company even suggests a secondary use: putting the peels in a kinchaku and putting it in a bathtub to enjoy the aroma of yuzu (citrus fruit) hot water.

Shiroki Orchard’s commitment to “wrapping


In order to deliver them in better condition, the very best and specially selected products are packaged in a drawstring bag made of Tosa Washi paper produced in Tosa City.
We will deliver it with great care in the good old Tosa tradition.


The orchard is located in Miyanouchi, Tosa City, one of the most famous pomelo cultivation areas in the prefecture, and Morisa’s cut Japanese paper is also used for the cover paper of “Buntan Yama Honey” that collects honey from the area.

Cut Paper Delicious Colors Square 18″ Kimi

The yellow color, reminiscent of pomelo, matches the honey with the refreshing flavor characteristic of citrus fruits.


Luxurious juice “Buntan Shibori” made by squeezing 10 whole pomelos, a high-end fruit
It is a high-end product costing over 3,000 yen per bottle.

The cover paper, which complements expensive products, is delicately designed and made of paper mixed with synthetic fibers that are resistant to water and tears.

Thermal bonding paper Salut Sukiawase

This product is a large-size flat board paper.
We can cut the bins to your desired size and height.


Shiroki Orchard has been using Morisa’s Japanese paper for packaging various products since 2006.
We asked Koichi Shiraki, owner of Shiraki Orchard, about Morisa’s paper.


In my search for high quality and Tosa-ness, I came across Morisa’s Tosa Washi, which is manufactured in Tosa City.
Thanks to repeated careful discussions with Morisa’s staff, we were able to create a product that was in the style of Shiraki Orchard in Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, and is greatly appreciated as a gift, especially by customers from outside of the prefecture.
I think Morisa’s Tosa Washi is perfect for special products, especially for extremely selected or specially selected products.

What other uses are there?
Here are some examples of Morrisa’s proposals in response to customer inquiries.


Fruit bag” for individual packaging of specially selected fruits

These bags protect the fruit from damage after harvest.
The new system reduces the burden on the worker from “load, wrap, and squeeze” to “put in bag” in a single action.
These bags are used for packaging premium pears, for example.

*Custom-made products with product names, etc. printed on them.


Transparent film washi bags” that convey deliciousness

How do you convey the delicious taste of bright fruits and vegetables? How about a bag that enhances the bright colors?
The Japanese paper surface on the back side not only enhances the design, but also allows air to pass through, preventing steaming and fogging.

This bag is treated as a special order.
Can be manufactured in a size that fits the plastic container used.


Fruit paper, M, 50 sheets.

The soft, moderately strong paper protects premium fruits and makes them look delicious.

Pre-cut square paper in multiple colors to showcase the vivid colors of fruits. Three sizes are available according to size, with 50 sheets per pack.


Brand-name teas in “laminated Washi bags”.

Aluminum bags are essential to keep tea fresh, but using Japanese paper bags for the outer packaging creates a luxurious feel that can be used as a gift.

These bags are custom-made to include printing of the product name and place of origin.
You can choose the pattern, texture and size of Washi paper.

In addition to ready-made cut paper and bags, Morisa also accepts original orders.
Please contact us to make the most of your ideas for cutting and personalizing Japanese paper.

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We will send a Morisa catalog to everyone who fills out the questionnaire and makes an inquiry.

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