About Morisa

Origins of MORISA Corporation

The history of washi-making dates back more than 200 years to the late Edo period (1603-1868), when papermaking began.

The ninth generation of the Morisawa family, Mr.Kiyomitsu Morisawa who had been making paper for a living, established Morisa Co., Ltd. with the main business of processing pocket tissues for sales promotion.

In 1987, the company again began manufacturing Japanese paper. Currently, the company is making finely-tuned products, taking in the cultural trends of Japanese modernity and nostalgia. Through the develop ment and production of paper products, we will open up a new future with “creation and challenge” with the goal of making life more beautiful and colorful.

Morisa’s Washi paper to the heart of giving a precious gift.

Tosa washi is one of Japan’s three big traditional paper producing area and has more than a thousand-year history.

We are making new washi with rich functionality and design by mechanizing the traditional Tosa handmade washi techniques and combining them with various processes.